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    About our College

    Principal's Message

    Manohar Memorial College has left behind four decades of its celebrated and solemn existence. We can take legitimate pride in its impeccable and trustworthy credentials of being among the vibrant and invigorating educational campuses all over Haryana. Our quest to excel and outshine is integral part of our ethos and culture. We remain wide awake to the ever changing contours of the newly emerging order in its myriad complexity traversing across the entire spectrum of life’s domains. It throws up in its wake a challenge of 

     enormous magnitude to the world of academia to get to grips with it. We, therefore, need to equip all those entering the precincts of higher educational institutions with all the prerequisites to face their future in a fair and square manner. This institution is characterised by its noble and honest endeavours of facilitating its clientele with fresher streams of learning and knowledge year after year. Our institution enjoys a well-earned and popularly acknowledged distinction of being a most happening place in all realms of academic and its related disciplines. It is a veritable dream destination for bright and brilliant scholars, artistically inclined and gifted performing youth and athletically built and sports loving brave hearts. We maintain enviable traditions of strong academic heritage, intellectually stimulating environment and culturally exciting and thrilling ambience.

    I take proud privilege in inviting and welcoming all the youthful aspirants on their sacred voyage of higher learning. I assure them of the best of everything to help them in realising their dreams into reality under our affectionate and loving care.

    Dr. Gurcharan Dass


    Principal's Message