Department of Music (I)

Brief Introduction

The Department of Music (Instrumental) of Manohar Memorial College, Fatehabad was established in 1995. The Department has well equipped ultra modern laboratory for the use of students of TDC classes.The Department of Music (Instrumental) at Manohar Memorial College offers Music (Instrumental) as an elective subject at Under-graduate Level. The coveted Music Department of this college on which “Maa Saraswati” has bestowed special blessing is actively engaged not only in imparting academic knowledge and running routine subject and course but has remarkable impact on almost all the achievements on extra-curricular front. The students of Music Department regularly figure in top positions in various music competitions at University Level. Special Music lab equipped with latest music Instruments is provided for the students.


Sr. No.

Faculty Members




Dr.  Seema Sharma

Associate Professor & Head

M.A., Ph.D.


Mr. Nitin Sharma

Assistant Professor (On Adhoc Basis)

M.A., M.Phil.

3. Mr. Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor (On Adhoc Basis)

M.A., M.Phil.


Academic / Extracurricular Activities

The Department of Music organises Seminars, Extension Lecturers and other cultural Programmes every year to enhance academic and literary interest of the students.


There are a number of Musical Instruments, Classical as well as Folk Instruments:

(1)  Sitars-29                      (2) Tabla-2 Pairs          (3) Tabla Tarang-7 pieces Chattu 

(4)  Santoor-1                     (5) Swarmandal-2        (6) Tanpura-1

(7)  Guitar-1                       (8) Xylophone-2           (9) Electrical Tabla-1

(10) Harmonium-2             (11) Pakhewaj-1          (12) Dholak-1

(13)  Kabas-1                    (14) Israj-1                  (15) Dhol-1

(16)  Deru-2                       (17) Bagdhu-2              (18) Chheny -2

(19)  Tasa-1                       (20) Dhaph -1              (21) Benjo-1

      Colourful dresses for various musical items are also available in the dept.


A large number of latest books are available in the Department for the students related to their prescribed syllabus.