Department of Punjabi

Brief Introduction

Haryanvi has traditionally been the dominant language spoken by the people of Haryana. Post-1947, Punjabi is also spoken by a lot of people of Haryana especially by those Hindus and Sikhs who came over from Pakistan. Punjabi is second official language of Haryana. The Department of Punjabi is one of the oldest Departments in Manohar Memorial College which offers Punjabi as elective subject at Under-graduate Level also B.A.(Hons.) in Punjabi. Besides, B.Sc. II students also offer Punjabi as a qualifying subject. Punjabi, being a second official language of Haryana, attracts students for their study. The students of this Department show great participation in various inter-college competitions including Punjabi Debate, Poetry Recitations and Quiz competitions. The Department is headed by Shri Amarjit Singh who has participated in many Seminars and published a number of Research paper. He has submitted his Ph.D. Thesis for the award of the Degree.


Sr. No.

 Faculty Members




Dr. Amarjeet Singh

Associate Professor & Head

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Dr. Rajni Rani

Assistant Professor

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

3. Dr. Kanta Assistant Professor

M.A., Ph.D.

4. Mrs. Veerpal Kaur Assistant Professor


5. Mr. Hardev Singh Assistant Professor


Academic / Extracurricular Activities

The Department of Punjabi organises Seminars, Extension Lecturers and other Programmes every year to enhance academic and literary interest of the students.